Approach and Opportunities

Evaluation and analysis

In the first step of any optimization project following points are integral parts:

  • Fuel
  • operation area
  • combustion concept
  • current design

Development of new or upgrading old components

Depending on the costumers requirements and based on our first evaluation we develop new or upgrade the old components using newest development methods such as

  • CAD
  • FE-Modelling - stress calculation for simple parts (GAE Catia V5)
  • Complex FE Simulation (with experienced partner companies)
  • Flow optimisation (with experienced partner companies)
  • Simulations for transient processes
  • Kinematic simulations (with experienced partner companies)

Development examples:  Pre chamber concepts, optimized piston and cylinder head design, valve optimisation (in cooperation with GMO), charging, and optimized piping

Validation and iterative optimization with measurements

After the production of the new parts at partner companies or your company the design of the new components can be validated at

  • engine the PGES engine test bench (for basic optimizations)
  • on-site support all around the globe