Gas engine optimization and evaluation

PGES has many years of experience in optimization of gas engines. We improve efficiency, life time, emissions or help to reduce the costs of your gas engine.

Application scenarios:

  • Evaluation
    • design studies
    • combustion concept analyses
    • engine control/timing corrections
  • Operational problems
    • emissions
    • fuel consumption
    • oil consumption
    • cooling
  • Durability problems
    • mechanical failures
    • wear
  • New fields of operation
    • grid stability


gas engine cylinderhead with valves springs and levers

Diesel to Gas conversion

Besides optimization of gas engines, we offer support in Diesel to Gas conversions.

  • prechamber ignition concepts
  • supporting engine adoption for special fuels
  • component adaption
  • design prototype parts
  • engine control/timing corrections
  • special gas application: hydrogen, highly diluted gas
  • after-treatment of exhaust gases


engine adaption set for full conversion from diesel to gas including intercooler, turbocharger and manifold

Failure reports for operators and insurances

There are various possible reasons for failure or damage of engines. Our skill set in engine technology as well as the support of a wide range of manufactures and operators, gives PGES the ability to analyze all kinds of failures and problems.

On that score, we offer expert reports for insurance cases and operators.

damaged engine valves in a cylinderhead

Training courses

Besides the technical development PGES is also interested in development of the future. To pass on fundamental knowledge in terms of gas engines, we offer courses for companies and universities all around the globe. Our lectures cover a wide range of gas engine related topics like combustion, control technology, charging and many more.

In case of interest for our training courses, click here and get in touch with us directly.

cover of gas engine script china

Research and development

Beside the optimization of gas engines PGES is operative in research and development. We cooperate with universities, technical colleges (FH) and government research associations to develop new systems and solutions for gas engines.

  • FFG project to develop a new spark plug in cooperation with ERS-Systems
  • AWS project to design a new state of the art cylinder head in cooperation with TU Wien
  • research and development / innovation projects (
  • "Land Tirol" optimization of a gas engine for wood gas
  • “Land Tirol”  combustion optimization for sewage gas engines
  • Master thesis at TU Wien on the subject of reducing the ramp up times with a PGES patented system (TU Wien)
  • Cooperation with HTL-Steyr for student projects (HTL-Steyr)

For the ongoing development of gas engine components, a 2G filius gas engine, serves as test equipment. (see also resources)

testing gear including AVL components